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Our Passion is ANIMALS
We have been guardians of dogs and pet's for decades and each pup and pet is unique and special. Our pet's are a priority and our care for your pet becomes top priority too while in our hands.

What They Need
Dogs need to burn off some energy and the best way to do that is walking, swimming and playing in fresh air. Lots of loving, laughter + play is our goal.

Pesticide free parks and lawns only.



Individual Plans

All Pets have unique needs and we care for Cats, Dogs, Horses, Bunnies, Chickens, Guinea Pigs and More!
Dogs require diferent needs with walks; swimming; hiking and daycare. If you can't make it home? Let us help you come up with a custom care plan for your dog.



 Our Small Dog Groups

We walk small dogs and keep our pack small for more one-on-one attention and safety.

Let our canine team (Rockin Robin, Donovan and Elijah) meet your dog so we all know that your pup will fit in with the pack.  




        Professional, Trustworthy, Reliable

                               House Sitting



September 5, 2013


She house sat for us on Salt Spring Island and looked after our cat while we were away this summer


She is a tremendously caring and conscientious person. For nearly two weeks she took fabulous care of our little cat Purrrsephone.


She checked in with us every few days to assure us that kitty was safe and happy. Most of the plants were in far better shape when we returned home than they had been under our care and the house was definitely cleaner and tidier!


She is a person who doesn’t hesitate to go that extra mile to be helpful. We were able to relax knowing that our kitty and home were in such capable hands while we were away and certainly will have her back next summer.


We highly recommend her as a house and pet sitter.


Richard and Bridget Lee

Saltspring Island, BC








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