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Diggety Doggety!! Dog Walking Adventures + Services​
We have small dogs that are top priority. We have spent time loving and training our pups.
. Our dogs are very welcoming to other dog visitors here. Having fun creating & finding ADVENTURES is our aim.  We look to attend after small, compatible dogs and keep the packs fairly small for more one-on-one attention and also for greater safety. 

PET FIRST AID certifificate 

POLICE Checked


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                                   KAYAKING TOO ...   WHY NOT !


Dog walking fees are available by contact.  The walk will be one hour dependent on weather. If overly hot or cold, for the well-being and safety of your pet,  the hour will be completed indoors sharing caring time with your dog.  Fresh water will always be on hand and a report given on your dog after each walk.   Overnight care costs and for each additional pet will be discussed upon contact. Our groups are small giving more one-on-one attention to each individual pet.  Bring your pets bed, dog toys and other items that they require during the stay to make them feel right at home with all their stuff.  
Socks with your scent on them can be helpful.  Daily reports will be emailed or noted while you are away.​


What they need
"What the world needs now - is love sweet love...." Wonderful lyrics!   Your pet will be loved and attended to with great care while with us.  Another goal is that after being in our care, and we should meet by chance in the park, we hope to have new friends we can visit + play with. Even ones to wrestle with!

Loving, Responsible, Trustworthy,  Reliable, Attentive and Caring are what we will be with your dog.

Something GROOVY

Cute... or Cuter than Cute!​
I make warm cozy 100% fleece dog coats and hats to match.
Pups love to model! and our pup was featured in her attire on CFCN TV wearing the new duds!  We have stock here so let us know if we can help outfit your pal + keep them warm all winter!


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