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​Client Testimonials​
We have gotten to know and love many great dogs and their families.  Here are a few samples of feedback we've received from very satisfied customers and folks who know us well.

5 Star Hotel Experience for our boy!  We were able to relax and enjoy our time away without worrying about him being stuck in a kennel!

Our boy, Ben, needed to have 8 sleepovers with her and the gang as we were traveling to the Maritimes and couldn't take him with us.  Ben is our baby (our human children are grown and on their own) and, since we both work from home, he is consistently spoiled.  She took amazing care of him for the week, always updating us via email as to their daily adventures which was usually more than one or two walks, it often included swimming (which is a passion of Ben's). The email updates are hugely comforting to dog parents when you are traveling.  No commercial kennel ever takes the time to do this and it helped us SO much to know that not only was Ben being well-cared for - he was having FUN!! 

Ben has epilepsy so he is on meds twice a day.  She was meticulous about administering his doses on time without fail.  When we went to pick him up, he was pretty unexcited about us being back and not all that anxious to leave.  Ben came home happy and tired, but missing his new friends as well.  Her and the gang dropped in to see us once we had settled back home again and Ben was SO excited to see her that he gave her his "two paws around the neck" hug and then he and Donavin had another great play in the yard.  Dogs just don't react that way unless they trust someone - so his reaction to her speaks volumes about the quality of care she offers.

We would highly recommend Diggety Doggety!! Dog Walking Adventures & Services, for any of your dog care needs and will most definitely be enlisting her assistance again!  We are completely comfortable giving Diggety Doggety!! a 5 star rating - you won't find more personalized and compassionate care than you will get from her and the gang!

Margi, Mike and Ben Storey
Calgary, AB




I would love to give you a reference regarding your care and love of dogs and all manner of pets. I've known her for many years and have always noticed how happy her pets are as well as the dogs we've met while walking together. You have got to be the biggest pet-whisperer that I've ever met. I try to be one myself, but you have a huge head start on me and you are the consummate dog lover.

I would entrust my dog to you any time without a second thought. Of the many dog walkers and dog sitters  I would pick you first!

Over the years we've known each other, I definitely know that you are honest and trustworthy. I am proud to call you a friend and also a friend of my dog, Keeta.

All the best to you in your new, much welcomed venture.

Monika Dery


​​My dog loves her and her dogs. When my dog was attacked and seriously injured, I had no idea what to do, so I called Norene. She came right over, calmed me and the dog, took both of us to the emergency clinic, asked all the right questions, and reassured me and my dog.  When Norene says she will be there, she will, and she will be on time.  Not only do I trust her, but also—and just as importantly—my dog trusts her.

Bonnie Brightlee



With great luck we met her over the Internet. Two summers ago our entire family were going away on vacation. We had no one to look after our little mini farm....which had slowly been created by our granddaughter. Two years ago we had 4 chickens and a little poodle, Cocoa. But soon arrived the cute little bunnies, a full sized horse and a mini horse.

With a few e-mails back and forth, and because we did not know each other, she was kind enough to call from AB to our home on Salt Spring Island and introduce herself.

As we spoke a couple of times, I was sure this woman was a gem and would be an ideal care taker for our animals.

YES!! I was right. Her interest in all the animals was incredible. She was very good in taking notes of all the feedings, caring and special needs of all, particularly our Cocoa. I know he truly misses her when she leaves.

We have complete faith and trust in her ability to care for our animals and property, so much so we invited her back to enjoy our local Fall Fair, at which time she voluntarily and single handily chopped down our horribly invasive broom bushes around the barn. She has been kind enough to watch over our animals and farm for the past 2 years.

Norman & Sheila Twa

Salt Spring Island, BC



She and I have known each other as neighbors for 10 years. 

I have always been impressed with how loving and caring Norene is with her dogs and other pets.  Her dogs are more than pets, they are her family.  And like family, she showers her dogs with love and affection and puts great care into their health and well being.  Besides their emotional well being, she goes to great lengths to buy and prepare healthy foods and treats and to keep them active. 
On occasion we have left our house keys with her.  We have absolute trust in leaving our keys with her and with the care of our house and mail.
If further information is required, I can be contacted through Norene.

Tina Donkers



Ben Storey

                  Baby Elijah

        better known as Kook Ligie Boy!

              Canmore Dog Park 

             One of the Prettiest in the World!

         Pyramid Lake, Jasper

               It don't get much better than this!

I left my two year old pup Lowell with her and her gang for four nights and I can honestly say that I am SO thankful to have found her. I HIGHLY recommend Diggety Doggety Dog Walking Adventures to anyone who loves their pooch and wants more than an impersonal and chaotic doggy daycare environment, whether it's for the day or for overnight stays. Her and her gang were amazing and took Lowell in as one of their own. They provided him with a home away from home while I was out of the country and kept me updated daily, so I always had peace of mind.


​When you read "Adventures", that's exactly what they will have. Whether it's hiking in the country or playing in the huge backyard, Lowell had SUCH a great adventure, that I don't even think he was ready to come home!

She's also is very knowledgeable in dog health and nutrition, so she gave me some great tips. She really does care and love animals and that is clear right from the first conversation. She is also knowledgeable and experienced with pet care, so I never had to worry. I don't think I will ever use a doggy daycare again after my experience with Diggety Doggety and best of all, Lowell absolutely loves it and instead of coming home stressed and anxious, he came home happy. 

-Tracy Fu




Her and her gang at Diggety Doggety are fantastic hosts! Kenzie spent three wonderful days at Diggety Doggety and had a blast! Usually a skittish dog, Kenzie warmed up to Norene faster than any other person she has ever met. This is proof that she treats dogs with love and excellent care. Kenzie joined the crew for a hike each day and had wonderful fun playing in the backyard. She came home happy and tired from all the fun she had.

She also provided a wonderful experience to my husband and I by sending us regular updates and putting our mind at ease. Being the first time we left Kenzie with anybody other than family we were hesitant at first, but she helped by keeping us in the know everyday. She went the extra step to create a great atmosphere.

We would definitely recommend Diggety Doggety and Norene to anybody in need of dog care. We will also be using her Services again. Thanks for creating an awesome experience!   


Lisa Gould       


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