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Jerimiah, a small cockapoo was the best friend we have had in this life time. Our first pup. It took awhile to find him and we watched and felt his wonderful essence as he first stared up at us attentively. He showed curiosity and gentleness followed by sweet play with a small child. He was everything we thought would make for a wonderful companion. Turned out he was the best companion and friend we could ever dream of.

We traveled across Canada three times.  We lived in six provinces and more cities.

While creating art, he knew to curl up and be by me, allowing me to work.  He generated love, humour and kindness. We hung together as the best of pals. He brought wonderful people to us with his friendliness and sweet, gentle way.  He is the little guy on the left..

Jerimiah. The Best Gift.

Dedication to Robin

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